I moved my domain and cannot see my website

Why does this happen?

When transferring a domain name to us or when updating your DNS servers for the domain, your local computer DNS servers might be still resolving your old site IP address, which will lead to either you not being able to access your new site or you accessing the site hosted with your previous hosting company.

When will I see it?

Usually after certain period of time (24-72 hours) your local computer will naturally start to resolve your new site IP, and you will start seeing your site hosted with us (instead of your old provider).

What can I do?

Clearing your local computer DNS cache (also called DNS FLUSH) could help expedite this process and in 90% of the time you will be able to access your new site immediately.\

See this article for instructions –

How to clear your DNS cache

If the above steps still do not help, please allow 24-72 hours for the new DNS change to take place and propagate throughout the Internet.

If after this time you still cannot access your new account – please contact our support.

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